Author: May Bug

Why is school normal?

Often, when parents of schooled children find out we home educate, the very first question they ask is ‘what made you choose to home educate?’, and I usually bite my tongue, but think to myself ‘what made you choose school?’.

We allow our babies the time to find their hands...

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Minimalism and Home Education: Are they really compatible?

Your home education set up can be as unique as your family. If the thought of a house full of sensory resources and craft equipment (glitter, anyone?) fills you with dread, never fear. It needn’t be that way!  Whilst it’s a great idea to allow kids to get creative...

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Money: Do I need it?

Starting home education can be daunting and one of the biggest fears for a lot of people is that they don’t have enough money to be able to educate their child themselves. Many families will find that they need to sacrifice an income to allow one parent to stay...

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Thinking about home education post COVID?

You’ve been sent home a load of work from your children’s school during the pandemic and have been expected to get them to complete it at the kitchen table. Maybe it went well, maybe it was impossible. But you have the feeling that you might quite like to delve...

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